Architectural Projects

With over 35 years of experience in developing architectural projects Mobilart was established as a market leader in the development of projects for residences, shops, businesses, offices and interior design. All our architects work in a friendly, professional and efficient, so that their designs meet your needs and always looking to exceed their expectations.

Before you take any decision contact us. Your property is a valuable asset, trust your changes to a company with professional architects with competitive experience and guaranteed quality.


Architectural Design Services

Our architects can offer a wide range of services in the field of architectural project development by solving different needs such as:

  • Office Space Planning and Design
  • Interior Design and Residential Decoration
  • Corporate Identity Projects
  • LEED Certification
  • Expansions and Renovations
  • Architectural Drafts
  • Architectural Projects for New Buildings
  • Budgets and Contract Quotations

Scope and Stages of Architectural Design.

  1. CURRENT STATUS AND NEEDS PROGRAM. architects developed together with our research with our customers to make an analysis of the objectives to meet. We review the budget and study (if any) the property on which to execute the work of the project. At this stage you can develop the following activities:
    • Architectural survey.  We study the local environment to develop the architectural project. and if it is necessary to do the lifting of the current state of the property for project development.
    • Architectural program. We developed a list of needs required by the client and evaluate the current state to see the conditions under which it will develop and define the spaces in which to divide the project. (Eg bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, lobbies, meeting rooms, warehouses, etc.).
  2. BASIC DEVELOPMENT SCHEME. We develop a conceptual approach in order to define a style, form, function, context and criteria. We distribute the space and zone it according to the architectural program and take a basic stage of distribution space.
    • ARCHITECTURAL DRAFT. Our architects make a basic draft project for a general design criteria which will propose a basic layout of the spaces. This are the first architectural drawings.
    • CONCEPTUAL PROJECT. photorealistic perspectives are developed in 3D renders to visualize the project.
  3. ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT OR EXECUTIVE PROJECT. This is the development of a complete building project and are preliminary architectural drawings with dimensions and general technical data. They are divided into the following concepts or scopes:
    • Masonry
    • Line and leveling
    • Finishes
    • Ceiling Plans
    • Specific Interior Elevations
    • Woodworks
    • Metal Carpentry
    • Fixed Furniture and Equipment
    • Landscape
    • Specifics
  4. STRUCTURAL PROJECT. From the architectural design we develop the final structural calculations and designs.
    1. Hydraulic systems.
    2. Sanitary facilities.
    3. Electrical installations.
    4. Fire facilities.
    5.  Air conditioning.
    6. Mechanical plans.
    7. Ventilation and extraction.
    8. Voice and Data.
    9. Final design of any other facility.
  6. BUDGET WORK. Once the structural and installations project is done we start developing the cost estimate for the building. This work is divided into:
    1. Technic Info Catalog (Specifications) with architectonic log documents.
    2. General Measurements Catalog
    3. Project Budget based on architectural plans, generators and catalog numbers of concepts or technical conditions.
  7. SUPERVISION. We have architects and engineers, technicians and specialists able to coordinate and monitor construction and contractors activities in order to meet the agreed time and with the technical and economic conditions as stipulated in the building contract.