For over three decades of experience we have built a great reputation because we offer truly personalized attention and an unparalleled service. We have helped transform the space,housing, shops and offices of many customers has enabled them to get more out of the spaces they inhabit all the time.

Custom-made furniture and special furniture is no exception for the rule. More than 30 years ago we innovated with a new concept of custom designed furniture for each space installed on site. On the way we continued to innovate by seeping into markets of exclusive furniture for our clients, where we design and adapt the entire image and corporate identity of our clients and produce functional furniture, uniquely designed and suited to their unique identity manual and corporate image.

As an additional service to our interior design and remodeling service and with all of our experience, we have specialized in the field of furniture manufacture and marketing, we offer from the best selection and discount of retail furniture to the most exclusive and select service of custom made furniture and custom designed furniture for residences, shops, offices, restaurants, showrooms, hotels and industry, among others. We offer the best furniture solutions since we integrate it as a complimentary service of remodeling, carpentry, fine finishes, cabinetry, and other special facilities.